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Delivery Standards

Our service is aimed at being perfect in both timing and manner. We ensure the utmost care and attention is extended to every venue that we deliver to, and typically we will liaise directly with venue coordinators to make sure we have very accurate timings. Our standard delivery service includes setting out the furniture to your plan, collection following the event is clearly built into our costs and there are never any hidden charges. If your venue does have strict delivery or collection times there may be the necessity for an out of hours delivery or collection, we offer this service and again would always make any overtime charges very clear.

Unique foam padding surrounds our vehicle interiors to preserve the immaculate finish of our furniture. All of our chairs have specifically designed protective covers to prevent scratching or any dust from marking the upholstery. After an event all furniture is spot checked before being packaged away and any elements that require attention will be professionaly cleaned before returning to stock.



During 2016 we have had the opportunity to complete several contracts at Hotel Cafe Royal on Regent Street. Our perspective is that we have a responsibility as a company to ensure the quality of our service reflects positively on any individual or company that has contracted us to supply our furniture, with this in mind our team set about the chair preperation and logistical planning of the contracts with great care. Below our several photos taken during the preperation phase of each contract, it is a requirement to protects the listed floor in the Pompadour Ballroom at Hotel Cafe Royal from any scratches or potential damage, felt feet are applied to all 400 chair legs.



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